Sandy City Drinking Water Results

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Residence Sample Date Analysis Parameter Result EPA MCL

Sandy City has authorized Chemtech-Ford Laboratories to publish these results of the affected areas. The results set forth in this report reflect the levels for the specific date and time listed in the Sample Date column.

To find results on a specific address, in the search bar type the house number. Any house with that number will be filtered and the testing results will be displayed. You can also type a street name to see results on a specific street. Only results that have been completed will be displayed.

If your home is within affected areas and has not yet been sampled, please call Sandy City at (801) 352-4400 or (801) 568-7280.

Explanation of results

Each result is reported in milligrams per Liter (mg/L) or parts per million. The EPA has published a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for each of these elements. The MCL is also in mg/L.

If a result is below the laboratory's reporting limit, the result will be reported as "Not Detected." Values reported in RED exceed Primary Drinking Water standards.

Chemtech-Ford Laboratories cannot answer questions about any specific result or the health impact of any of these results. Questions about the results should be directed to Sandy City. Questions about health impacts should be directed to the Salt Lake County Health Department or Poison Control.